We are thrilled to extend a heartfelt thank you to our new Blue Fund Bursary Governor, Nicholas Owers (PeB, PeA 91-98). Nicholas's commitment to acting as a mentor to the seventh Blue Fund Bursary student, will be a source of invaluable guidance. This generous contribution continues to power the transformative journey of promising individuals, who, with the right support and guidance, can achieve their highest potential.

The partnership of donors who have supported the Blue Fund Bursary mission, including Nicholas, play a pivotal role in the success of the Blue Fund Bursary ambition, because it is thanks to your unwavering support that CH can provide an outstanding education to another young person. Thank you to Nicholas for embodying the true spirit of the charge with your actions and dedication.

Nicholas said: “Being a Blue Fund Governor is a rare opportunity to answer the charge on a personal level. We’re always growing and developing as people and so I see the Governor role as a two-way relationship that I hope to look back on as something that has benefitted us both.

I aim to bring the external view of the world to their journey. Supporting them to pursue as many opportunities as possible and, above all, encourage them to focus on the things that they really enjoy.”

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If you are interested in becoming a governor, find out more here.