Christ’s Hospital believes passionately that education extends far beyond the confines of the classroom, playing a crucial role in fostering self-confidence, resilience, teamwork and goal oriented expression. As part of the school’s ongoing efforts to enhance the overall educational experience for students, we are embarking on a new initiative to expand and innovate our sporting facilities within the Bluecoat Sports Centre (BCS).

This ambitious project will complement the academic, pastoral and broader curricula, and represents the unique contribution Christ's Hospital can make by giving every student the opportunity to thrive.

Due to be completed in summer 2025, the new facilities will include: a six-lane, 400m running track with extensive track and field facilities; a unique outdoor exercise adventure trail – the first of its kind in the UK; and four courts for padel tennis - a mix between tennis and squash, which is the fastest growing racket sport in the UK.


Responding to Inactivity 

Christ’s Hospital’s sports expansion project is not just about constructing facilities; it's a commitment to fostering a healthier, more active and inclusive community. The project aligns seamlessly with the Government's ambitious plans to tackle high levels of inactivity across the country. Its ‘Get Active’ strategy aims to encourage an additional 2.5 million more children and one million more adults in England to lead physically active lives by 2030. Furthermore, at a local level, the Active Sussex organisation is calling for additional dedicated physical activity facilities to address inactivity levels and cater for the rapidly growing local population. 

Recognising that schools house a significant portion (37%) of the nation's sports facilities; Christ's Hospital takes pride in responding to this initiative to deliver opportunities to get active. CH has a responsibility to meet the needs of our young people, as well as the wider community, to tackle the problems they face both in terms of access to sporting opportunities, and in relation to physical health (weight, diabetes etc), inactivity and mental wellbeing. 

Driving Participation at Every Level

Christ's Hospital strives to create a welcoming environment to foster participation at all levels and instil a lifelong interest in sports and physical exercise. While the new athletics track and field facility will meet the needs of traditional competitive athletics, the unique Get Active Trail has been designed to stimulate interest and participation among newcomers to sport and exercise, opening up CH’s sports facilities to a broader audience. 

Enhancing Athletic Performance 
Athletics has always been important at Christ's Hospital and is a tried and tested arena for driving individual skills, attributes and, in turn, self-confidence. The introduction of new facilities will not only enhance athletic development and performance, but also ignite enthusiasm, creating opportunities for students, Bluecoat Sports members, local sports clubs and various community groups. Key features of the athletics track and field facility include: 
  • A 400m, six-lane all-weather running track with ancillary athletic facilities, including an eight-lane 100m sprint section.

  • Ancillary field facilities encompassing a discus/hammer throw cage, javelin run ups, long and triple jump run ups with sand pits, a dual pole vault run up with landing mats and pole sets, a high jump run up with bar stands and jump mat, a steeple chase pit, water jump and a shot-put circle.
  • A grass infield will provide a landing area for the field events and will be marked out as a rugby training pitch for winter and spring use. 
Innovation for Participation

The Get Active Trail is an innovative and inclusive facility, the first of its kind in the UK. The aim is to encourage activity for people of all ages and abilities including those who wouldn’t normally take part in sport, providing an inclusive and exciting alternative to the formal and elite athletics facility. The trail adapts the format of a traditional running track into a rolling landscape, interspersed with physical challenges and more unconventional obstacles. It is designed to inspire a pioneering and imaginative approach to exercise and physical wellbeing through a range of running, jumping, balancing and climbing activities.

Embracing New Sports 

The addition of four padel courts responds to growing demand for the sport while also encouraging a diverse demographic of people to engage with a non-elite, easy to learn activity. Less physically demanding than tennis, the sport is more accessible to everyone, whether a seasoned athlete, or a newcomer looking for ways to stay active.

How can you help? 

This ambitious project will create a space that breaks down barriers, providing individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds the platform to cultivate their talents and surpass their own expectations. This new space is where individual motivation and teamwork will flourish and empower lifelong engagement in physical activity. 

But to realise the potential of this project, CH needs your support. Although we have successfully raised a substantial amount to allow work to commence, a funding of £1.5 million remains to reach our final target. Your support can make a significant difference and ensure the success of this transformative endeavour. 

For more information on how you can support this project please, contact the Development team on: 
T: 01403 246570 
E: [email protected]