You can claim tax relief equal to the market value of the shares on the day you make the gift, together with any associated costs such as brokers’ fees. The relief is against your income tax for the year. For example if you give Christ’s Hospital £1,000 worth of shares, and you are a higher rate taxpayer, you will pay £400 less in income tax that year.

Additionally, you will not have to pay any Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on any increase in the value of the shares since you bought them. This could mean a further saving. If shares you donate have gone down in value, you should be aware that you will not be able to use this loss to offset any other CGT liability you have.


You can donate property such as land, buildings, or other objects.

Tax relief can be claimed through donations of property when no interest in the property is retained. This can be through:

  • Income tax relief on the value of the donated property.
  • Exemption from CGT on the increase in value of the donated property since first acquired, and reduced CGT when property is sold at less than market value.
  • Exemption from Inheritance tax.

Further guidance notes relating to the donation of shares and property are available from the Development Office on [email protected] or at 01403 247588

Christ’s Hospital is unable to give you financial advice and we would urge you to talk to your financial advisor about the tax implications of donating shares or property.